Texoma Inspections

Hi, I’m Glen Laxton, owner of Texoma Inspections. I have been in business since 2009, and have over 40 years experience in the home industry. I started building homes in the 1970s, and have extensive experience in construction projects, electric work, and floor and floor covering.

My Pledge For Inspections

My pledge is to dedicate 100% of my time and energy delivering First-Class service to you, my customer. My philosophy about real estate is simple. I put myself in your shoes, treat you like family and treat your investment like it was my own.

I have performed over one thousand inspections for satisfied customers. The greatest compliment I can receive is a referral from you to a friend or family member.

I hope you choose us for your next inspection project, and if you do I promise to deliver a professional, customer-centric experience. Thank you for considering Texoma Inspections.


Glen Laxton
Texoma Inspections
Home Inspector # 969