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What Are The Benefits Of Having A Home Inspection In Durant, OK?

Home Inspection Service And Home Inspector In Durant, OK

It is a home inspector’s job to assess major defects, safety concerns, potential threats, or any future problems. A home inspection by a good inspector will ascertain problems and offer suggestions on how to correct those issues. Inspectors can also identify possible code violations. All of these things are information that can help a buyer, or seller make an informed decision. The buyer may think that they are buying a great home, but there may be trouble lurking out of sight. The experienced home inspectors at Texoma Inspections and Testing in Durant, OK can spot even the smallest signs of trouble.

Benefits for the Buyer

A simple walk through can give the buyer a general idea of what a home offers in terms of value. However, it’s almost impossible to know everything that may be going on with the property. There could be roof damage, insect infestations, or faulty wiring that is unknown to the buyer. This could cost the them thousands of dollars in repairs after the fact. A certified home inspection by one of our inspectors ensures the buyer that there are no surprises. You will know of any current or future problems.

It helps the buyer make a highly informed decision, and there is more transparency. Purchasing a home is a huge financial investment and not something to take lightly. An inspection eliminates many “what ifs”. This gives the buyer more peace of mind if they do decide to make a transaction.

A buyer also has more leverage when making negotiations because they can talk the seller down if there are known issues with the home. This puts them in a better position to obtain a property at a fair price, and they are less likely to get hit with huge repairs afterward.

Benefits for the Seller

Having a home inspection performed ahead of time in Durant, OK is very helpful to the seller. It expedites the overall process so the property sells with minimal setbacks. If an inspector finds a significant problem, the seller can either have it repaired or disclose the issue to the buyer. Otherwise, it can cause delays and may take longer until a deal is finalized.

When a seller is equipped with a full knowledge of the condition of their home, it adds to their negotiating leverage. Rather than simply making claims and having to go on their word, a seller can provide a buyer with tangible proof via the home inspection report. In turn, this should increase the seller’s confidence level and empowers them during the negotiation process.

Finally, a home inspection is important from a legal standpoint. After an examination, a full disclosure is made, which protects the seller from threat of legal action in the future. In the event that a buyer is dissatisfied with the condition of a property, they won’t be able to file a lawsuit because there was a full disclosure. This means that the seller can have peace of mind once the transaction has been completed.

A Home Inspection Is Best For Everyone In The Transaction

By looking at all of these advantages, it’s easy to see why it’s smart to have a home inspection performed. It’s mutually beneficial and increases the likelihood that both the buyer and seller strike a fair deal. That way everyone wins, and both parties can feel good about the transaction.

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