What We Inspect

It is our job to leave no stone unturned. With that being said, we’d like to give you an idea of the parts of your home that will be inspected, and exactly what we’re looking for that will tell us about any potential problems with your home.


foundation-cracks2 foundation-crack

We’re looking for any evidence of present or past movement. Cracks, breaks, or  evidence of prior repairs.

Crawl Spaces

crawl-space2 crawl-space

We fully inspect the plumbing, and the stability of the structure. We’re also looking for any other issues that might be present.

Perimeter of Home


We look at all exterior outlets/faucets and check the integrity of the siding.


roof1 roof

Checking for any defects, damage, or leaks.

We check every single piece of equipment and/or appliances in your home or property. We also have multiple inspection services available for an additional fee. (Swimming pools, sprinkler systems, water wells, septic systems, etc…)